Just like many other gardeners I’ve encountered my fair share of challenges with veg growing over the years.

This year I’ve had a great gooseberry harvest and the boys particularly liked the sweeter yellow variety. I like them all;  especially if they’re part of a crumble! But then gooseberry sawfly struck overnight and this is what the bushes looked like the next day


I love my onions and it just makes sense to grow my own. But last year I had a severe onion white rot attack. So, this year I’ve just grown shallots which have done brilliantly


Peaches – who doesn’t like them? Well, they’re not the easiest of fruit. They blossom early so you need to watch out for late frosts and have to give a helping hand with polination.

They’re also prone to peach leaf curl which looks dreadful and weakens the tree. It normally doesn’t affect the fruit.


But peaches are still worth the trouble as they’re delicious when they’re ripe.


Now let’s talk Clubroot. I know I’ve got it on the plot but thought I had planted my brassicas in an unaffected spot. Well think again C_Veggie! So far I’ve lost nearly a third of my brassica plants this season. Clubroot, I really hate you!


But as if Clubroot isn’t already enough, all of my early sown red cabbages were completely destroyed by aphids. Thankfully a second sowing is doing really well.


Next up are slugs. I hate them with a passion but they don’t seem to care. Their survival strategy is to first do as the birds and the bees do…


…and then they start to munch for England


Then there is the tomato end rot which struck my toms a few years ago. Irregular watering could have been to blame for it.


I suppose I better stop for now as I don’t want to discourage any of you from growing your own!

Happy veg growing