So, I’ve finally decided that enough is enough. I’m going to get some chickens. I’ve only been thinking about it for over a year now…

There were thousands of questions in my head:

  • Would my lovely garden be ruined?
  • Would my neighbours complain about noise or smell? 
  • Would this mean the end of any holidays?
  • Would my boys help with looking after them?
  • What produce could I feed them from my allotment?

Let me tell you. If you think like this you’ll never get any chickens!

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the run. I wanted a walk-in run to make the cleaning easier. So bought this one from eBay. 

Nice run you’d think and it’s true but it’s not fox proof so I’ve been told on the new chicken keepers Facebook page I’ve recently joined.

So, off I take the chicken wire and ahead I go and order 2 rolls of heavy duty welded wire mesh. A few days later I get a delivery but it’s not the welded wire mesh but another run. Arghhh, they’ve delivered my order twice! 

Anyway, I wait a few more days and get another delivery of what looks like the mesh. Only problem is the delivery guy only had one roll! So I’ve contacted the seller and have since been waiting for my final wire mesh delivery to finish the run. 

So far, not so good. 

Below’s the run in it’s current stage. And yes, there is an apple tree bang right in the middle of the run! 

Story to be continued…