First of all I have to admit that despite researching chicken keeping for nearly a year before getting them, it’s not all what I thought it would be.   

Some of the positives:

  • Endless hours of free entertainment in my very own garden (in case I don’t have anything else to do…)
  • My boys have learned how to care for animals and have built up real empathy towards the hens (a very important point as my younger son has issues with empathy).
  • Eggs galore; even though we’ve only got 3 hens and I’m baking like there’s no tomorrow, we’ve always got loads of eggs.
  • A bit more of the “good life” feeling; hen keeping surely must be the next step up from having an allotment. 
  • All the excess produce such as kale, chard, beetroot tops and cabbage leaves from the allotment now go to good use.

And the not so good stuff:

  • I’m forever poo picking; they really do poo all day long! 
  • Occasionally there are issues such as smells or flies to deal with. Thankfully I don’t have noisy girls; I don’t even get the egg song after they’ve layed.
  • Excessive pecking can be an issue. I’ve got one hen that just can’t stop pecking even to the extent of pecking the others bloody despite me applying Stockholm tar and loads of Wicks! 

And now a few chicken pictures

Way too many eggs…

Sometimes more than one wants to lay at the same time…

Dustbaths – it’s how they keep clean

​​Having loads of chicken fun…

Pecking at its worst…

The end of lovely flowerpots…

What are your chicken keeping experiences?​​